Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen Treatment

Is your face and neck starting to show signs of aging?

Our Plasma pen treatment can reduce wrinkles, frown lines, nasal labial folds and for the first time, without surgery, droopy eyelids, eye bags, and turkey neck?


  • Plasma Pen is the world’s leading, most advanced and sought-after plasma device for non-invasive soft-surgery, fibroblasting sublimation treatment, non-surgical blepharoplasty, dynamic skin-lifting, skin-tightening, and rejuvenation
  • It treats, repairs, lifts, regenerates and rejuvenates almost any area of skin. It spectacularly improves and brightens skin tone, laxity and texture, significantly tightens loose skin and reduces lines and wrinkles.
  • Plasma Pen is a next-generation treatment able to treat the skin with incredible precision. It delivers truly stunning, long-lasting and natural looking results which delight thousands of customers around the world.
  • Our results are especially impressive when compared to other comparative treatments, procedures, and devices.


How does it work?

The plasma pen creates an electrostatic flash which transfers to the skin with absolute precision and does not harm any of the surrounding tissue. The first and most immediate effect is delivered to the outer layer of the epidermis where we create external micro-traumas which immediately contracts the skin.

We achieve immediate results and those results improve significantly over the coming months. Effects last around 3 years although many results are much longer. More than one session may be required, to achieve the desired results, depending on the amount of skin laxity and depth of wrinkles.   Treatments are spaced apart at 12-week intervals.

Can anyone have this treatment?

Skin types 1- 3 can be treated.  Your last sun exposure must be 8 weeks prior to the treatment. Certain medical conditions and medicines may exclude you from this treatment.  ( link to contra indication page)

What happens in a consultation?

A consultation will include a thorough skin analysis, patch test, and a skin scan. I will also discuss any relevant medical history and establish if there are any contraindications to treatment, as well as pre and post care procedures. The consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the treatment.

Before and after photographs are legally required for my insurance.

Is it Painful and what is the recovery time?

The treatment may be moderately uncomfortable depending on you and where you are being treated. Eyelid procedures (where the skin is at its thinnest) can be more painful for some people but our device, plasma delivery and super-fine probes allow me to work very quickly and efficiently. This minimises potential discomfort for you by design.

Topical anaesthetic is available to minimise discomfort if you would prefer this.

You could take analgesics, such as paracetamol, codeine and/or Ibuprofen 1 hour before treatment.

Most people recover in 4 – 7 days but it can take longer depending on certain medical conditions and your general health.


Wait until your scabs have fallen off. You may resume activities immediately after any Plasma Pen treatment but may not look your complete best during the healing process (usually 4 to 7 days)

Swelling post-treatment is normal and to be expected, especially around the eyes and periorbital region.  Post-treatment downtime and recovery from Plasma Pen is frequently shown to be superior to treatment with other devices

Once healed, you must use factor 50 sunscreen when out and about for at least 12 weeks.

Sunbeds and sunbathing MUST be avoided on the treated area for at least 3 months.  Failing to do so will result in pigmentation

It is highly unlikely you will ever get an infection from a Plasma Pen treatment as the wound we cause isn’t open. However, with any skin rejuvenation treatment, we are not in control of what you do when you leave and you should be aware that the first 12 hours is always the period of risk for you to get any kind of infection so please avoid activities where there could be any chance of infection.

Why Choose Me?

I am an Elite trained technician with the world leader in Plasma Pens, Louise Walsh International.

Experts agree Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is vastly superior to anything else on the market. It features numerous stunning innovations and advances simply not available elsewhere in combination.

The Plasma Pen is CE certified and manufactured in Germany, especially for Louise Walsh International.

I have worked in laser facials, hair removal, and pigmentation in Berkhamsted for over 8 years.

My clinical advisor is a practicing UK doctor.

A consultation fee of £20 will be applied but redeemed after the treatment.

Upper Lids
Under Eye
Crows Feet from
Brow Lift from
Nasal Labial Lines from
Forehead from
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Jaw from

Other areas can be discussed at consultation.