Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction &
Scar Reduction Therapy

Micro-needling is based on a traditional Chinese practice called
‘circling the dragon’.

We use holistic micro-needling and Jade rollers to induce collagen and reduce scarring. The micro-needles penetrate the skin causing minor trauma. In order to heal, the skin is stimulated into producing a whole new collagen layer, creating a smoother looking skin.


Here are some facts about micro-needling;

  • 90% of clients report no feelings of discomfort with our holistic approach.
  • An average of 206% (Yes 206%!) increase in collagen after a single treatment.
  • Research has described a 60-80% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, lax skin, acne scarring and stretch marks after micro-needling.
  • Micro-needling can increase the absorption of some products through the skin by 10,000 times!

6 Treatments over 3 Months

We recommend 6 treatments over a 3 month period.
The increase in collagen will begin within 48 hours of treatment and takes at least 4 weeks for results to be seen. The treatment will continue to produce collagen for 6-12 months which will last between 5-7 years.

There are some contraindications such as active skin conditions, anti-coagulation and photosensitive medications, and keloid scarring and sun burn.

Treatment Prices

  • Facial collagen induction
    £80 per treatment – £400 for a package of 6 treatments
  • Facial acne scarring reduction
    £80 per treatment – £400 for a package of 6 treatments
  • Abdominal stretch marks below the navel
    £80 per treatment – £400 for a package of 6 treatments
  • Other treatment areas, prices on consultation.


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