Acne Management

What treatments do we use?

Acne can be effectively treated with Intense Pulsed Light, in combination with sonic blue light, high frequency and topical aftercare. Our treatments greatly reduce the number and severity of active lesions, lessening the inflammation and frequency of break-outs.

How is Intense Pulsed Light carried out?

A layer of chilled gel is applied to the skin. The hand piece is placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light is released. At the same session, the skin will be treated with sonic blue light and high frequency. The treated area can become inflamed immediately after treatment but this usually disappears within a couple of hours. Most people experience no side effects.

Suitable for both adolescent or adult acne.

Acne Treatment Blog

A bespoke treatment plan will be discussed at your free consultation.
It’s important to keep up any prescribed acne medication and our recommended,  after care instructions, for optimum results.

High Frequency Acne Treatment

High frequency is a gentle, non-invasive, treatment used to initiate the skin healing and rebuilding process. We use a neon filled glass electrode which gently oscillates over the skin, providing oxygenation to the skin tissues and eradicates the toxins and the bacteria which cause acne.

Blue Light Mask

Acne-causing bacteria known as Propioni­bacterium acnes which can also cause inflammation, is very sensitive to blue light. The added presence of the IPL treatment causes the oil glands to shrink in size. The result is less oil in the skin and less bacteria, leading to the resolution of acne in the treated areas.

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